What’s all about #goBstok ?


This post is targeted mainly to people from our city, Bialystok, but if you are not one of them, don’t worry, I think you will also find something interesting here. I would like to explain you a little bit what’s stands for #goBstok hashtag and where it comes from.

As you may know, we are living in city of Bialystok, great city in eastern Poland. It’s not to big, not to small, just perfect for living. We’ve got many creative and innovative people and companies, many events and great projects. We’ve also have one problem, in big perspective we don’t have strong new-tech community. There are several really good User Groups, events like Geek Girls Carrots, Techklub, EastCamp, Social Media Thursdays, but still, everybody seems to act on their own, not as a part of the one organism. Sometimes it is even hard to know what is currently happening, who achieve some kind of successes or for whom I could help with my knowlege and connections. It’s really important for us to start thinking in big picture, because eventually it will bring new people, new ideas and new oportunities to our city.

Hashtag #goBstok can start that proccess by gathering all the informations from Bialystok to let everybody know how many interesting things are here. It comes as an idea from very bottom, from people who realy need that knowledge. It can be used in various cases like  ask for advice, inform about some events, post a job offer, tell about successes and failures or simply say hello to others 🙂

What’s also very important this hashtag doesn’t “belong” to anybody, any person, company or event. So please use it everywhere you want, in posts, tweets, photos that you think, may be useful for people from our city, somehow connected to new technologies.

We believe it’s also great opportunity to show rest of the world how big potential lies in Bialystok. We’ve got so much to offer as a community so let’s do it together and let’s make a difference, #goBstok!

Photo by Pawel Tadejko