Hello World!

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Hi, Maciek’s here. As you may know, I’m a front-end developer at SICC. Since we moved to a new office I’ve been thinking about some technological improvements, that can make our place more geeky and friendly.

That’s how OfficeR Pi idea was born. OfficeR Pi is my project created for Polish programming contest “Daj się poznać” (which can be translated as “Show yourself”). In the next 10 weeks I’ll be writing 2 blog posts a week, describing development of the process, my successes and failures.

OfficeR Pi is Raspberry Pi based office helper. I’m going to use an old lcd screen and several RPi’s modules like microphone, camera or distance sensor. Every week I’ll try to add something useful or totally useless but funny. The key idea of creating this project  is to have fun, so you may expect a lot of lolcontent here. At some point I will want to ask for your help – you will have an opportunity to vote on a new feature that should be added. The source code will be shared on my github account – I’ll provide links later.

I think that’s all I wanted to say for now, see you soon!

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