We’re connected!


After a few hours I’ve finally connected to my Raspberry Pi. The story is, I’ve been using it as a photobooth controller (it was a really simple¬†project – it didn’t even had a display ūüėČ ¬†here you can check it out: https://www.facebook.com/programistok/photos/pb.237808102923666.-2207520000.1457296640./892510850786718/?type=3&theater) but unfortunately currently I don’t have ¬†a HDMI enabled screen¬†at home and I didn’t want to spend money on buying ¬†a display port – HDMI converter.

So I had to find a solution for communication with  my board.

I’ve found an old ethernet cable and connected it to the board. I’ve been using this method before, but I had to reconfigure network interfaces on my mac. So now, the R-Pi is connected directly to my computer using ethernet cable and it can use computer’s shared internet connection.

It works. We are connected. Big things are coming!

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