Slack – Azure – Raspberry Pi – episode 1

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Hi there, long time – no see 🙂

I’ve been very busy lately and had not enough time to take care of my project. Today I would like to tell you something about the architecture of Officer Pi. Let me show you my idea packed into a compressed graphic file 😉


So, as you can see, basic communication between slack commands and raspberry Pi running Officer’s scripts is based on Azure service bus queue. I’ve decide to do make it happen using Azure services. As a total Microsoft-Cloud-And-All-Others-Based-Solutions-Noob© I had a really tough start. I’ve downloadaded random program from random Github Repositiory. Some of you may know, I’m working on a mac, so I don’t have a windows instance on my computer and therefore, no Visual Studio here. To build .net code I’ve used the sources and my intuition – after few hours packed with eternity spent on testing my solution on live Azure, it started working.

I’ll write more about technical aspects of this part in the next two blog posts (soon!). This is a really important milostone in my project!