Hello! Can you hear me?

What is an office assistant without ability to speak? The answer is simple – it’s a poor assistant. No time to explain, let’s go! We need to teach  our officer some new (bad) words.

My Raspberry pi uses raspbian as its operating system. That gives me opportunity to use a whole range of packages. I’ve tried some speech synthesitor and decided to use Milena project (http://milena.polip.com/raspberry.shtml) I’ve told my girlfriend that I’m going to spend a night with Milena and Ivona, guess if she was jelous 😉

Milena is a command line based text-to-speech synthesis program. To execute it from my python script you have to use subprocess.call.

Can it be a killer feature? Sure it can! I’m using it for reading Albianias Gang random generated poems (and it’s really funny). I’ll post a video later 😉

In the future I’ll use it for voice notifications and officer-human voice recognition communication

Having a nice project to code?

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