Treasures inside your desk!

What’s inside your desk drawer? A lot of treasures! I’ve found one in mine and decided to use it in my project.

Probably everyone heard of playstation move. Funny sticks with light balls used to play move based games on playstation 3&4.But there was a less popular little brother – the navigator. Basically it’s an addon to move  controllers, giving the user access to some physical buttons. The controller uses bluetooth for communication, and there is some piece of software to read the input. As I said before – I’ve found a treasure in my drawer – it was the ps move navigator.

Before doing some hacking i had to get a bluetooth module for my board. i got one from one of the local stores for ~2€. after i got back home the fun part started 😉

Connecting the controller

Few minutes of research led me to the six axis project ( I was doing eveything as described in the manual, but unfortunately it didn’t work. The project was created to be used with classic ps3 controller, but I’ve found a hack that pushed my project forward ( thanks Mike Purvis!)

After making a stable connection I could think of what can I do with this special remote control.

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