After few weeks of development it would be nice to sum up what’s been completed and what’s left to be done.

The hardest part for me was learning and using Microsoft Azure. I’ve been really confused when I was forced to switch between the old and the new managment portal. But the craziest thing was creating app without any experience. Without visual studio. 100% manually. On Mac 🙂

The most crazy thing was reverse engineering my LED lamp’s application for android to get bluetooth codes. Piece of cake using online (sic!) tool – you get all information you need including blutooth connectivity codes, and instructions how to change temperature/power of the light. Magic.

I’ve done most of the backend connectivity work using python. It’s really easy to learn language. I know that I’m making a lot of mistakes, but hey! This project meant to be fun 😉 For the next few weeks I’m going to polish python modules and create some nice frontend using reactjs. I’m going to record some videos too, because it’ll be much easier to show you how it works using image and sound. I’ll have to push my code to the repository – I’m not doing it now because it’s totally messed up. Sorry 😉

Ok, I have to admit, that the hardest part is writing those blog posts (today I’ve published 4 drafts that have been waiting to be finished for several days…). Maybe now it’ll go easier 😉

Tomorrow I’m going to present what I’ve done on local .net community meeting – keep your fingers crossed for my lightning talk! 🙂


ooooo we’re halfway thereeee

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