Our part at Devoxx4kids 2016 conference in Poznań, Poland

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Many of you may not know, but besides writing code we also love to share our knowledge. In 2015 we became the Knowledge Partner at WOW School (http://www.wowschool.pl) – programming and business school for kids running in Warsaw (so far, more info later). Our responsibility is to provide the best educational programme for children between 8-16 years and deliver it for some groups too (mostly as a beta-tests of our convictions). Last weekend we took part in international initiative Devoxx4kids – programming conference for kids (SICK!) and I want to share some thoughts after this awesome event.

It was a 3rd edition of Devoxx4kids conference in Poland and first at which I was able to take part. Even more, because we, as a WOW School, were also responsible for running two workshops for young attendants.

About initiative itself you can read more at their website here. It’s really hard to describe it in simple words. I was totaly amazed how it looks, how people are determined to deliver the highest value for our great and talented future bosses 🙂 Kids really enjoyed what we’ve done there, trainers and people coordinating the event also done a ton of a good work – thank you! All was perfect from my perspective. And what’s the most important – children and their parents felt the same (from feedback which we received). Definitelly it is an must-visit event for all parents considering “pushing” their kids to learn how to code (and not only, because it also teach them how to deal with all kinds of problems they are facing each day).

As I described earlier, we also performed two workshops for two different groups:
1. Minecraft Hour of Code with WOWSchool.pl (8+)
2. Javascript Jedi / Ninja (12+)

First was aimed to young attendant and using the great and already well-known Hour of Code initiative (http://hourofcode.org) combined with our experiences from workshops performed with our students, we were diving the young, bright minds into programming and algorithmics.

Second was kind of “Javascript in a Nutshell” workshop where we were responsible for hacking some existing websites using developers tools in browsers and then using our new skills to build a tool helping us to deal with math homeworks 🙂

It was definitely a great and informative experience for us.

Next editions in Poland are scheduled for 4th June at Radomsko and 10-11 September in Wrocław. At backstage I also heard some plans about Warsaw edition. All events across the Globe are listed here: http://www.devoxx4kids.org/events/. Join if you have kids and want to teach them something really useful in life or help the organisation to bring this for others!

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