Mailtrap – SMTP server to test, view and share emails


Recently I encounter great free tool to test email notification, that we sent through SMTP server. Mailtrap from Railsware Products, allows us to inspect email notification without providing external receiver address. Service “catches” emails that we send and display it on our dashboard. All in one place without a mess on our email account. We do not have to send test emails to our email addresses anymore!

After registration on and log in, we get by default one inbox

Inbox contains all information that we need to configure service on our end. All data to make the connection are under SMTP header. To make configuration even easier we can use one of the predefined code snippets. There are plenty of them (for C#, Ruby, Java, PHP, Node) just copy and use it.

All we need to do now is just send an email message with our code. Below gist with prepared configuration and method to actually send the message.

And that’s it. Done, nice and easy. All takes less than 5 minutes. We can send messages as plain text or HTML. Emails are rendered in the same way browsers do (so Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others). We can use mailtrap for development and staging purposes so we will not spam clients by accident. With the free plan, we have one inbox with 50 messages per inbox. Enough for most test purposes.

So go on and try it. No matter what platform you use, you can try mailtrap and get the advantage of this great tool.

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